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12 Kids Taken to Hospital After Swimming in Pool at Drew University:

Quote of the Week:

“The cynics may be the loudest voices, but I promise you, they will accomplish the least.” –Barack Obama

Fact of the Week:

Jim Sullivan recorded his debut album in 1969. The album was called “U.F.O” and mentioned aliens, ghost towns, and death. Six years later, at age 35, Sullivan disappeared in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. No trace of him was ever found.

According to the New York Times, “On the front seat of his recovered gray VW bug were his ID, his beloved 12-string Guild guitar, and a box of his two albums, ‘U.FO.’ and the 1972 LP ‘Jim Sullivan.’”

News Update:

This week, we’ve recapped two news stories for you. Twelve children were taken to the hospital after swimming in the pool at Drew University, though the school denies that it was due to heightened chlorine levels in the water. And Texas State University will be offering a course next spring focusing on One Direction star Harry Styles.

12 Kids Taken to Hospital After Swimming in Pool at Drew University:

Drew University. Via Drew University

Children participating in a soccer camp at Drew University began to experience shortness of breath, difficulty speaking between breaths, and nausea when swimming at the school pool. Taking precautionary measures, the school brought twelve children to the hospital. Drew University, located in Madison, New Jersey, denied the initial reports that the symptoms were caused by high levels of chlorine in the pool.

“Initial tests detected normal levels of chlorine and all systems were working as expected,” said Stuart Dezenahll, a university spokesman, as reported by Gothamist.

Jeff Paul, the director of the Morris County Office of Emergency Management, said, “We responded to reports of chlorine related medical issues and that is what the symptoms supported.”

The children were released shortly after their arrival to the hospital.

Texas State University to Offer Course on Harry Styles:

Harry Styles. Via NPR. Credit: Helene Marie Pambrun/Courtesy of the artist

In recent years, more and more schools have begun to offer courses on global music stars. Now, Texas State University is offering a course called ‘Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture’.

According to Sky News, “The course will focus on the pop megastar’s work, both in music and film, in order ‘to understand the cultural and political development of the modern celebrity’.”

Dr. Louie Dean Valencia shared the news on Twitter, exclaiming “It’s official, official. I’m the world’s first ever university course on the work of #HarryStyles.

“It’s happening Spring 2023 @TXST University. This is what tenure looks like. Let’s gooooo!”

Gothanist and Sky News contributed to these articles.

Sports Update:

The college athletics landscape changes more often than JT O’Sullivan switching NFL teams (he played for eleven different franchises). Each school is always in search of greener pastures—or fields to be more precise—but never has there been such a changeup as of late.

Oklahoma and Texas have signed on to join the SEC in 2025, and UCLA and USC are headed to the Big 10 in 2024. But one historic school is looking to remain where it is: Notre Dame.

Notre Dame, famous for its football program which has refused to join any conference, is seeking to remain independent.

According to The Sporting News, a CBS Sports report said, “Notre Dame is currently in negotiations with NBC, seeking a new grant of rights deal that would pay the school $75 million annually. Such a contract would not only keep the Fighting Irish on equal footing with the Big Ten and SEC in terms of annual GOR payouts, but also allow the team to exercise independence in scheduling.”

How these proceedings play out impacts the Big Ten’s future. The conference is supposedly interested in adding Notre Dame, but if the Fighting Irish remain independent, the Big Ten will consider inviting Oregon, Washington, Stanford, and/or Cal.

The Sporting News contributed to this article.

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