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Auburn Student Drills 94-foot Putt for Big Prize

Quote of the Week:

“Wonder. Go on and wonder.” William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury

Fact of the Week:

The schooner Carroll A. Deering washed ashore on the Diamond Shoals of North Carolina in 1921, but no trace of the crew was ever found.

The boat was built by the G.G. Deering Company in 1919 and was the largest and last ship ever built by the company. It was also one of the last wooden cargo ships ever built. The ship operated for a year and a half under Captain William H. Merritt (a WWI hero) and his son (the first mate) until Merritt got sick on a trip from Virginia to Brazil. In need of a new captain and first mate, the company hired Captain Willis B. Wormell and First Mate Charles B. McLellan. The ship delivered the coal to Brazil and set back out for Virginia. It was then the trouble began to brew.

According to reports, during a stopover in Barbados, Captain Wormell complained to another captain that McLellan was habitually drunk and would not keep the crew in line. McLellan, on the other hand, was heard saying that he had to do all the work because Captain Wormwell had poor eyesight and that he “would get the captain” before they got to Norfolk.

A few weeks later, the Deering sailed by a lighthouse in North Carolina. A tall, thin man with reddish hair and broken speech hailed the lighthouse keeper through a megaphone, reporting that the ship had lost both anchors in a storm off Cape Fear. He asked that the G.G. Deering Company be notified, but the lighthouse keeper could not relay the message—his radio was out. The next day, the crew of another vessel reported seeing the Deering sailing a course directly toward the Diamond Shoals.

Two days later, the vessel was spotted on the outer edge of the Diamond Shoals, all sails set. However, because of storms, the ship could not be approached for another four days. Finally, when a rescue crew was able to board, the ship was found taking on water and completely abandoned. The steering equipment was disabled, the rudder disengaged, and the binnacle box staved in and broken. The ship’s log and navigation equipment, the crew’s personal items, life rafts, and the ship’s two lifeboats were all missing. Interestingly, the galley appeared untouched: there were ribs in a pan, pea soup in a pot, and coffee on the stove.

No trace of the crew was ever found, and no definitive explanation for their disappearance was ever provided. According to Legends of America, “Piracy was considered… but no evidence was found to support this theory. Rum Runners were also suspected, as the crew’s disappearance occurred during Prohibition. This idea was primarily ruled out because the vessel was too large, conspicuous, and slow. Many suspected it was a case of mutiny due to Wormell’s known conflict with his first mate. This idea is supported by the red-haired man who hailed the Cape Lookout lightship, which was certainly not the captain.”

Perhaps the crew simply abandoned the ship as it was ready to run aground, but because of the stormy conditions the sailors were swept out to sea. It’s even possible the crew was rescued by SS Hewit, which was in the area at the time but was lost at sea with all hands. Whatever the reason, it’s unlikely the mystery will ever be solved. Soon after its discovery, the Carroll A. Deering was towed out to sea and blown up. A few pieces later washed ashore and are on display at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras.

Legends of America contributed to this article.

News Update:

Via OutKick

Have you ever been selected to participate in a halftime contest at a sports game? If so, you’ll know that your heart starts to pound as you step onto the court. That you suddenly realize how bright the lights are and how many people are in the stands. Such was the case for Auburn sophomore Craig Noyes as he walked onto the Neville Arena basketball court in an attempt to make a 94-foot putt to win a new car.

“Honestly, my main goal was just not to whiff or shank it into the bench,” Noyes told The Associated Press. In fact, he did the exact opposite.

The game was a tight one between No. 3 Alabama (who is now No. 1 in the country) and unranked Auburn. It was tied 37-37 at half and the crowd was rowdy with the possibility of an upset. Noyes and some friends had actually camped outside the arena for 24 hours to get prime seats for this intra-state rivalry game.

So it was an electric atmosphere into which Noyes entered when he grabbed the putter and lined-up the 94-foot, full-court putt. And Noyes, who doesn’t play golf, drilled it. It was the first time someone had made the putt since 2014.

“It was so loud when I stepped up to the ball. Once I hit it, I completely zoned out. I couldn’t hear anyone,” he said. “It wasn’t until the announcer put a hand on my shoulder and said I’d won a car that I believed it.”

The crowd exploded in cheers, and Noyes high-fived people as he ran off the court. Though he was disappointed that Auburn ended up losing the game 77-69, he was delighted with his winnings. He had not previously owned a car.

You can check out the video here:

AP News contributed to this article.

Sports Update:


The Alabama University Men’s Basketball program is ranked No. 1 in the country for the first time in 20 years. At a school traditionally known for its football program, the basketball team has undergone a staggering transformation following the hire of Nate Oates from Buffalo in 2019. The program reached the Elite 8 two years ago and pulled in one of the best recruiting classes last year.

Following wins against Auburn and Florida, the Crimson Tide jumped from No. 3 to No. 1. Previously top ranked Purdue lost 64-58 to Northwestern and took Alabama’s place at No. 3. Houston remains at No. 2, while UCLA and Kansas round out the top 5.

On the women’s side, South Carolina beat then-No. 3 LSU in the most watched regular season game in two years. They extended their streak of holding the number one ranking to 34 weeks, tied for the third longest stretch ever.

ESPN contributed to this article.

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