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Human 'Skeletonized' Remains Found on UC Berkeley's Campus

Quote of the Week:

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from coming up to bat.” —Babe Ruth

Fact of the Week:

In 2009, Stephen Hawking held a party for time-travelers from the future—but no one showed up. As it turns out, this was exactly the point Hawking wanted to make. He sent out invitations only after he held this party, proving that if time travel became possible in the future, people would have been able to read his belated invitation and still show up.

Discovery Channel captured the “party” on camera in case any surprise travelers arrived, but as Hawking suspected, no one showed. He told reporters at the Seattle Science Festival in 2012, "I gave a party for time-travelers, but I didn't send out the invitations until after the party. I sat there a long time, but no one came."

The invitation, which said “You are cordially invited to a reception for Time Travelers,” provided specific coordinates for a location at the University of Cambridge and told people to arrive on June 28, 2009.

Despite Albert Einstein’s belief that time travel is possible, Hawking said “it is likely that warping would trigger a bolt of radiation that would destroy the spaceship and maybe the space-time itself.” Hawking did admit, however, that his experiment didn’t offer incontrovertible truth and time travel could still be possible.

Mashable contributed to this article.

News Update:

Via The Independent; Credit: UCBStudentAffairs / YouTube

A human skeleton was found in an unused residence hall on The University of California, Berkeley's campus. The discovery, however, resulted in more questions than answers.

Large news outlets began circulating the story yesterday after police “were alerted” to the remains, though who actually found those remains is yet to be disclosed. The UC Berkeley police said the body was on the school's Clark Kerr campus (roughly a mile from main campus) “in a building which has not been occupied for many years.”

The police also noted that it wasn’t “clear how many years they have been there. There are no outstanding cases of missing individuals from the campus community.” Likewise, the cause of death has not been determined, though the police hope the coroner’s report will provide additional information.

Police do not anticipate the investigation will disrupt any classes or activities for the 40,000 undergraduates and graduates who attend UC Berkeley.

CNN contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Via Knox News

January 14th became an infamous day for ranked teams in NCAA Men’s Basketball. Eleven of them lost last Saturday, tying a record for the most in one day. Nine of the teams lost to unranked opponents, and with No. 6 UConn losing to unranked St. John’s on Sunday, it became the second weekend in the history of the AP poll that at least ten ranked teams had fallen to unranked opponents.

The mayhem started on Saturday with No. 5 Tennessee falling to Kentucky, 63-56. From there, No. 9 Arizona (87-68 at Oregon), No. 11 Kansas State (82-68 at No. 17 TCU), No. 14 Iowa State (62-60 at No. 2 Kansas), No. 15 Arkansas (97-84 at Vanderbilt), No. 16 Miami (83-81 at NC State), No. 18 Wisconsin (63-45 at Indiana), No. 19 Providence (73-67 at Creighton), No. 20 Missouri (73-64 at Florida), No. 23 San Diego State (76-67 vs. New Mexico), and No. 24 Duke (72-64 at Clemson) all lost.

Along with No. 6 UConn on Sunday, No. 25 Marquette lost 80-76 to No. 12 Xavier, meaning 13 ranked teams fell over the weekend, tying the record with fateful Saturdays in 1999, 2000, and 2011.

ESPN contributed to this article.

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