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Jackson State University Struggling with Water Crisis

Quote of the Week:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” –Winston Churchill

Fact of the Week:

In 2013, Chinese businessman Tan Youhui hired a hitman for $282,000 to take out his competitor. However, that hitman decided to hire another hitman for $141,000 to take care of the dirty work. That hitman then hired another hitman, who hired another hitman, who finally hired another hitman for $14,000 to kill the target.

Unfortunately for the rest of them, the final hitman still did not carry out the murder, taking a different tactic instead. He met with the target, identified as Mr. Wei, in a cafe and asked Mr. Wei to fake his own death. Mr. Wei reported the case to the police and the long list of hitmen were taken to trial. Tan Youhui, who ordered the original hit, was sentenced to five years in prison while the hitmen were each sentenced to about three years.

News Update:

This week we’ve recapped two news stories for you. Jackson University students are left without water after flooding tainted the city’s water supply. And shootings continued at schools across the country, with four people shot at Delaware State University and seven shot at a party in Virginia.

Jackson State University Struggling With Water Crisis:

Bottled water distribution. Via CNN

After returning to campus for just one week, many students at Jackson State University are already headed home. Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, is facing a water crisis after torrential rains and flooding last Monday tainted the water supply.

According to CNN, nearly 150,000 residents must either buy water or use an inefficient system of bottled water pick-up sites. Besides using this water to drink, the residents are relying on it to cook and brush their teeth.

Some students booked flights home after the water turned brown and muddy and then was shut off completely. However, not all students have the luxury of leaving campus, as some cannot afford a trip home while others must carry on with their sports or clubs. Deion Sanders, the school’s head football coach, said the program was in “crisis mode.”

University President Thomas K. Hudson told CNN that the school set up rented portable showers and toilets while bottled water is being delivered to students.

Shootings Continue at Colleges Across the Nation:

Police arrive to a shooting that killed a Norfolk State Student. Via CNN

The start of the school year is supposed to be a time for rejoicing, a chance to catch up with friends and celebrate the beginning of another semester. Unfortunately, these celebrations were marred at two schools as shootings broke out, injuring nine and killing two.

At a party near Old Dominion University in Virginia, a fight broke out before guns were pulled. Shots were then fired and a total of seven people were struck and hospitalized. Two died, including a student from nearby Norfolk State University.

"Apparently a fight broke out at a party, and, once the fight started, somebody pulled out a gun and started shooting," said interim police Chief Michael Goldsmith in a press conference. "In the process of that, they shoot innocent people, who end up dying. There is no policing strategy when somebody gets mad at somebody and decides to pull out a gun… That is access to firearms. That is not being able to control emotions."

Meanwhile, at Delaware State University, four people were shot near the outdoor basketball courts around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday. A non-student began firing into a crowd, striking two students and two non-students. The two students are reportedly doing well, while no update was provided by the school on the other two victims.

The school said it will work to provide better security and more officers in the area where the shooting occurred, but cited the difficulties of keeping something like this from occurring. The school, like so many others, has a campus open to the public and accessible from many different entrances.

CNN, NBC, and Delaware Online contributed to these articles.

Sports Update:

Florida topped No. 7 Utah. Via Gators Wire and USA Today. Credit: Adam Dubbin

The first weekend of top-ranked NCAA football was full of storylines, and here are the ones you need to know.

Florida defeated No. 7 Utah 29-26 by intercepting a pass in the endzone with a minute left. On the drive prior, Florida converted a crucial fourth down before rushing for the winning score.

No. 2 Ohio State beat No. 5 Notre Dame 21-10 after trailing at halftime 10-7. Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud threw for two TD’s, but it was the Buckeyes’ defense that starred, forcing the Irish to punt on every one of their second half possessions.

No. 3 Georgia dominated No. 11 Oregon, winning 49-3 in their largest margin of victory ever over a ranked team. The Bulldogs scored seven touchdowns on their first seven drives as QB Stetson Bennet threw for 368 yards and two touchdowns.

UNC beat Appalachian State 63-61 despite giving up forty points in the fourth quarter. App State’s quarterback Chase Brice threw for six touchdowns, while UNC’s quarterback Derek Maye was responsible for four.

LSU lost to Florida State 24-23 in a wild finish that saw LSU score a TD as time expired but had the extra point blocked that would have sent the game to OT.

Two games to look for this weekend are No. 24 Tennessee against No. 17 Pitt, and No. 20 Kentucky vs. No. 12 Florida.

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