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Killings in VA and ID Rock Communities

Quote of the Week:

“Halloween is the beginning of the holiday shopping season. That’s for women. The beginning of the holiday shopping season for men is Christmas Eve.” –David Letterman

Fact of the Week:

When naming a group of animals, it can be easy to forget the proper term. Some have developed into modern dialect, like “herd” and “gaggle,” but there are plenty others that you might not have heard of before. Below are seven of the less well-known terms applied to groups of animals.

  1. A group of pandas is most commonly called an embarrassment, although it can also be called a bamboo of pandas or a cupboard of pandas.

  2. A group of owls is called a parliament.

  3. A group of crows is called a murder.

  4. A group of hedgehogs is called a prickle.

  5. A group of hummingbirds can be called a bouquet, a charm, a tune, or a glittering.

  6. A group of wombats is most commonly called a wisdom, although it can also be called a mob or a colony.

  7. A group of baboons is NOT called a congress, unfortunately. That term evolved from a meme and unfortunately, as funny as it may be, is untrue. Rather, the proper term is a troop.

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News Update:

Three UVA football players were killed in a shooting. Via CNN

Two separate killings of college students have flooded the news this week, with a tragic shooting in Virginia and a mysterious homicide in Idaho. Details in both instances have been murky as officials try to find motives and, in the latter case, a suspect.

More details in the Virginia shooting recently emerged, revealing that the killer, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., was in fact on the bus for a field trip when he opened fire. Jones was a former player on the football team (for only one year), and for reasons so far unknown, he opened fire on the bus, which was returning from a class field trip to see a play. Three current football players were killed, while two other people were injured. The University of Virginia has canceled its football game this weekend as the team continues to mourn the loss of their players.

Jones is in custody after being apprehended following a twelve-hour manhunt. His father spoke to authorities in disbelief that his son had done this. He said Christopher had said people were picking on him and seemed very "paranoid" when they last spoke, but that he had not revealed any intention of harming others.

Meanwhile, in Idaho, an even more mysterious homicide took place. Four students of the University of Idaho were found dead in a house, killed by an edged weapon, such as a knife. Reports guess that the killing took place between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning. So far no suspect has been named and the police are searching for answers. They do not believe that the community is in imminent danger but rather that this was a one-off, planned killing.

CNN and ABC contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Kentucky Men's Soccer earlier this season. Via and Kentucky Athletics

The men’s and women’s NCAA soccer brackets are set, with the women’s tournament having already completed its first round of games. The men’s tournament consists of 48 teams, with the top 16 receiving a first round bye, while the women’s side includes 64 teams.

On the men’s side, Kentucky received the #1 overall seed, while reigning finalists Washington nabbed the #2. They’re followed by Syracuse, Virginia, and Stanford. Reigning national champions Clemson earned the six seed. Clemson played the first few weeks of the season as the #1 team in the nation, but fell off in conference play, only to bounce back and make a run to the ACC title game, which they lost 2-0 to Syracuse. The first round of games will be played tomorrow, with the second round taking place this Sunday.

On the women’s side, Florida State, Alabama, UCLA, and Notre Dame earned one seeds, with all four teams advancing to the next round (Alabama doing so convincingly, with a 9-0 win). Saint Louis, Duke, UNC, and Penn State earned the two seeds, with all but Saint Louis advancing. They were upset 1-0 by Memphis. The second round of games will be played tomorrow.

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