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LCS Weekly Blog 2/2

Quote of the Week:

"If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now." -- Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda

Fun Fact of the Week:

The largest denomination ever printed on a U.S. bill for public consumption was $10,000. Salmon P. Chase’s portrait graced the bill, which was first printed in 1918. Only a few hundred authenticated samples remain, as many disappeared during the 1969 purge of large currencies.

Via Fine Art America

News Update:

Last Cup Scaries recently pledged to donate 10% of profits to Active Minds, a non-profit organization focused on supporting mental health awareness for young adults.

Unfortunately, the day after this announcement, news broke about a high profile death confirmed as suicide. It was a sad and telling reminder of the mental health problems many people face.

Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA in 2019, jumped to her death from a New York City high rise on January 30th. She was thirty years old.

Jason Bean/The Reno Gazette-Journal, via Associated Press

“In devastation and great sorrow, we share the passing of our beloved Cheslie,” Kryst’s family said in a statement Sunday. “Her great light was one that inspired others around the world with her beauty and strength. She cared, she loved, she laughed and she shined.”

Kryst spoke several times over the past two years on the importance of mental health. A regular schedule, clear boundaries, and exercise were three of her key components to coping with stress.

Kryst did leave a suicide note. However, it did not explain her motives.

“Not only beautiful but she was smart — she was a lawyer,” a police source said of Kryst. “She has a life that anyone would be jealous of. … It’s so sad.”

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts or a mental health crisis, call the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or go to

People and The New York Post contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Yesterday, the NAIA’s No. 1-ranked Georgia Gwinnett College women’s tennis team won its 45th consecutive match. The team dominated NCAA Division II Lander University (also located in South Carolina), claiming a 7-0 victory.

The Grizzlies (3-0) have not lost since March 2019, claiming two national championships in the process. The 2020 season did not have a title winner as the championship tournament was canceled due to Covid-19.

“The women took care of business with some convincing wins in singles," said GGC head coach Chase Hodges. "We looked good from top to bottom of the lineup against an improving Lander squad.”

Georgia Gwinnett College did not drop a set en route to victory, with senior Maria Genovese leading the way on court one with a 6-0, 6-0 victory.

Gwinnett Daily Post contributed to this article.

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