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Lincoln College, Founded in 1865, to Close

Updated: May 18, 2022

Quote of the Week:

“Happiness is a direction, not a place.” –Sydney J. Harris

Fact of the Week:

Certain species of fish can change gender. The bluehead wrasse, which lives in the Caribbean, is one such example. If something happens to the male and he is removed from the group, “the largest female in the group changes sex to become male,” according to La Trobe University. “Her behaviour changes within minutes. Within ten days, her ovaries transform into sperm-producing testes. Within 21 days she appears completely male.”

The case is nearly the opposite for clownfish, where the female is the dominant gender. Clownfish mate with one partner for life unless something happens to one of them. If the female dies, the male turns into a female and will then take a new male partner. Sorry for the shocking news, Nemo, but Merlin might now actually be your mother.

News Update:

This week, instead of bringing you one feature story, we have recapped four different newsworthy events.

Lincoln College to Close:

Via The New York Times from Lincoln College

Lincoln College, a small school of roughly 600 students, is set to shut down. The school, located in rural Illinois, is historically Black. It has existed for 157 years and was named after Abraham Lincoln when it was founded in 1865.

The combination of the pandemic and a ransomware attack in December (which originated in Iran and cost the school around $100,000 to retrieve data and much more in lost time to recruit students) proved too much for the school to overcome. However, some people haven’t given up hope. The school needs $50 million to stay open, but they started by aiming for $20 million on a gofundme page. At the moment, $2,502 have been raised, leaving them well short of their goal.

Delaware State University Team Bus Searched:

The Delaware State University Women’s Lacrosse team was on the way back from a game in Georgia when their bus was pulled over and searched. The school is historically black, and many of the players and staff feel they were racially profiled.

The bus was pulled over for improperly traveling in the left lane. Deputies proceeded to search through bags, looking for marijuana and any devices related to the drug, such as scales, bowls, or grinders. They did not find anything.

Via The New York Times. From Sydney Anderson via Delaware State University The Hornet student newspaper

Lee University Leaked Document:

Lee University is facing criticism over a leaked draft of their ‘statement of belief.’ The Christian school, located in Tennessee, was planning on releasing their statement on August 1st.

Contained in the draft were statements such as, "Lee University acknowledges that God created humans as male and female in His image (Genesis 1:26-27); He himself called what He made ‘very good’ (Genesis 1:31)."

Lee will commit to supporting one another "in grace and truth" while "respecting and upholding the biblical design for gender and sexuality."

And they will "hold students accountable for disregarding the sexual limits of Scripture," but also "work with them to support repentance as well as restoration in their relationship with Christ."

Anonymous Donor Clears Student Debt at Wiley College:

The students of Wiley College received some good news at their commencement ceremony: An anonymous donor had paid off their money owed to the school. The graduating class was slightly larger than 100 students and had accrued about $300,000 in total debt.

The school, located in Texas and historically Black, became nationally known after a 2007 movie called “The Great Debaters”, which starred Denzel Washington. It focused on a 1935 debate that Wiley won against USC, despite the intense segregation against Blacks.

USA Today, NBC News, The New York Times, and ABC Channel 9 News contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Via NBC 10 News; Credit: Emma Corona/Tennessee Athletics

Tennessee Men’s Baseball lost a series for the first time this year. While the Volunteers still sit atop of the SEC, they slipped to No. 2 in Baseball America Top 25, surpassed by Oregon State.

Earlier this season Tennessee put together a 23-game winning streak, including winning their first 12 in the SEC (a new record). They also lead the nation in home runs and ERA.

But this past week Tennessee stumbled, losing to Kentucky twice (3-2 in 13 innings and 5-2) before winning the final game of the series (7-2 in 7 inn). The Volunteers are 42-6 and should not be worried about this slip, but they’ll hope to win their last two series before heading into the conference tournament.

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