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Nonprofit Pledges to Pay for College for 63 Third-Graders... Sound Familiar?

Quote of the Week:

“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” – William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Fact of the Week:

Domestic pigs are unable to look straight up into the sky. It is often claimed that “pigs have never seen the sky,” but this is untrue. It is true that they have an extremely limited range of motion, and most cannot look above a 45 degree angle (with some sources even saying their maximum range is 20 degrees).

Their entire diet is on the ground (causing them to often look down), and domestic pigs have grown to have a lot more fat and a lot smaller muscles, thus limiting the range of motion for their neck. However, if any pig happens to want to stargaze, it can simply roll onto its back to see the night sky.

News Update:

Via USA Today

If you’ve ever watched The Office, you’ll remember the episode “Scott’s Tots.” Michael Scott, the goofy, conceited, irrational manager of Dunder Mifflin had once promised a group of elementary school students that he would pay for college for all of them. Yet when they finally graduate high school, Michael is not as rich as he thought he would be. Instead of tuition, all he can offer is batteries for their laptops.

In Arizona, a similar promise has been made—let’s just hope that Tom Rosztoczy is more trustworthy than Michael Scott.

According to USA Today, “All third graders at an Arizona school now have full ride scholarships to college thanks to a local nonprofit, the school district announced last week.”

The nonprofit is the Rosztoczy Foundation, which helps send students to college. The stipulation is that the 63 third graders must graduate from Bernard Black Elementary School and then later from a school in the Phoenix Union High School District. They may choose to attend college in or out of state.

Tom Rosztoczy, a trustee with the foundation, first started aiding students in 2011 when he created the College Promise program and helped 84 students at Michael Anderson School. His inspiration came from his father, a Hungarian immigrant, who was told that without a college degree he couldn’t earn more than $65 a week. Tom's father promptly went on to get his doctorate degree.

Past recipients of the Rosztoczy Foundation have admitted they worked harder in school knowing that the college of their choice would be paid for. So rest assured, it appears that Tom Rosztoczy’s promises are going far better than Michael Scott’s.

USA Today contributed to this article.

Sports Update:


The Men’s Lacrosse conference tournaments are underway as teams fight to prove themselves for the eighteen places in the NCAA tournament. Right now, however, it looks like the tournament could be filled by a number of Ivy League teams.

Not often known for its athletic prowess, the Ivy League has had a number of strong lacrosse teams in past years. At the moment, five Ivy teams are in the top ten of the RPI rankings, including Princeton (2), Yale (4), Penn (5), Cornell (7) and Brown (9). The RPI rankings (which heavily considers a team’s strength of schedule) do not match the AP Poll rankings, but are perhaps the best way to consider a team for at-large bids.

At the top of the rankings, and the only remaining undefeated team, is Maryland (12-0). The Terps lost last year’s national championship 17-16 to Virginia and will look for redemption.

Georgetown (13-1) has the most wins in the nation and is third in the rankings, while Rutgers (6), Duke (8), and Virginia (10) complete the top ten. The two play-in games for the NCAA tournament are on May 8th, while the first round begins May 14th.

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