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Students Take Action Against Universities for Investing in Fossil Fuels

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“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.” – Though often incorrectly attributed to Ben Franklin, the real originator of this sagacious quote is anonymous.

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In some instances, hot water can freeze more quickly than cold water. This is because hot water will evaporate more easily, meaning there will be less water to actually freeze. Also, hot water has less dissolved gas, which causes less heat conduction and will cool more quickly.

News Update:

Via Yale University

Students have filed legal complaints against five top universities for investing in fossil fuel companies.

Action has been taken against Yale, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Vanderbilt, all of which have been accused of breaking a little-known law.

Hannah Reynolds, an anthropology student and co-coordinator of Divest Princeton, said that Princeton failed to act on previous proposals from her group. Last year, the university said it would divest from coal and tar sands but not oil and gas.

Aaditi Lele is a student at Vanderbilt and part of the divestment campaign. She said she has faced a similar struggle.

“Every time we ask them about fossil fuel divestment, they refer back to other actions that they’re taking to make the campus itself greener, such as carbon offsets, but they fail to address actual divestment,” she said. “A lot of what they do is just greenwashing through mentioning those other actions and then using that as justification to pretend that that’s enough.”

Fed up with the lack of action, students wrote to the attorneys general of their respective states requesting authorities to investigate breaches of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, which requires universities to invest in a manner consistent with their “charitable purposes”.

“We’ve seen other schools, specifically Harvard and Cornell, take the same approach,” said Reynolds. “Within months, both of those schools have divested. So our hope is that by taking this action, that maybe this will finally be taken seriously.”

The Guardian contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Via Gonzaga University

We are quickly approaching March Madness, and with each passing day the experts madly change their predictions on who’s in, who’s out, who’s a one seed, and everything else under the sun.

This year’s NCAA Men’s Tournament should be fun. Any number of teams could take home the trophy, with no one considerably far ahead of the rest of the field. Gonzaga might be the favorite, and are currently primed for the overall number one seed. After suffering heartbreak with a loss in the finals last year, they are out for redemption.

Arizona, Auburn and Kentucky are looking like the other number one seeds, but Purdue, Kansas, Baylor and Duke are in consideration.

At the other end, several familiar teams find themselves on the bubble. Florida has been volatile all year, and could find themselves as one of the last teams in. Oregon, Iona, Indiana, SMU and West Virginia all sit on the edge as well, and will need a strong finish to ensure they find their way in.

For the latest bracket prediction, check out this article on CBS:

CBS contributed to this article.

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