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Teacher Sex Scandal at Georgia Elementary School

Quote of the Week:

“Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.” —Ernest Hemingway

Fact of the Week:

There are more artifacts lying around the ocean than there are in all the museums in the world. How? Shipwrecks.

Considering we’ve only explored about 5% of the world’s oceans, many ships remain undiscovered floating around the ocean floor. In fact, experts estimate there are 3 million shipwrecks out there. The Great Lakes alone are home to over 5,000 shipwrecks, including the infamous SS Edmund Fitzgerald. But while the Fitzgerald was carrying a cargo of ore pellets, other ships that went down were carrying far more precious loads.

One of the oldest ships ever found was the Uluburun, which was discovered in 1982 by a 17-year-old diver. This ship sank off the coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean around 1300 BC—over 3,000 years ago. Some of its cargo was recovered, providing insight to trading patterns of that time, but much of what it was carrying was lost to the sea.

In 1715, 11 out of 12 ships in the Treasure Fleet went down off the coast of Florida. These ships were carrying gold and jewels back to Spain when the fleet was hit by a hurricane. Nearly 1,500 sailors died, and bodies and treasure alike were scattered across the ocean. To this day, gold and gems occasionally still wash ashore.

If you’re ever in a pinch for money, go have a swim. You never know what you’ll find.

Reader’s Digest and Marine Insight contributed to this article.

News Update:

Credit: @GAFollowers on Twitter

While we normally report on college news, there was a far too salacious story on elementary school staff to pass up this week. Following an investigation, a committee determined that a principal and gym teacher in Georgia had sexual relations at school. But the details go far beyond that.

The revelation began when Dr. Dana Simmons, principal of Banks County Elementary School, “raised concerns that PE teacher Dylan Charles had bugged her office… and had details on Board of Education activities that he should not have,” WSB-TV reports. A third-party investigation then found out from Charles that he’d been having an affair with Simmons. He provided photos and videos of them kissing and having sex. Initially, Simmons denied the allegations but later admitted them.

Simmons then claimed that it was Charles’ wife who would set up the sexual encounters and would watch as her husband and Simmons had sex. According to WSB-TV, “The attendance clerk in the front office confirmed to investigators that she had seen a text message from Charles’ wife asking Simmons if she wanted to have sex with her husband.” Charles’ wife claimed “Simmons manipulated her into allowing her to have sex with her husband in exchange for helping them with their careers” and admitted “she would watch and record sexual encounters between Simmons and Charles.”

WSB-TV also added that “a former paraprofessional reported that Simmons had previously asked her to join a group of swingers. She said she ultimately left working at the school because she felt Simmons was unprofessional.”

Simmons was with the school district for 20 years and had served as principal for three. Charles had been the PE teacher for seven years. Both have since been fired.

WSB-TV contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Via The Daily Gopher. Credit: Eric Miller

The University of Minnesota is dominating college hockey. The men’s program (20-7-1) is number one in the country while the women’s team (23-4-2) sits in third place. The men’s team was last in the National Championship in 2014 when they lost 7-4 to Union College. Since then, it has been Minnesota State (last year’s runner-up) and Minnesota Duluth (2017 runner-up, 2018 and 2019 Champions) representing the state on the national stage.

Several other programs are showing strong in both men’s and women’s hockey, including Quinnipiac (#2 in men’s, #6 in women’s) and Ohio State (#7 in men’s, #1 in women’s). The NCAA tournament begins the last week of March, with Denver Men’s Hockey and Ohio State Women’s Hockey the reigning National Champions.

NCAA contributed to this article.

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