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Twelve-Year-Old Goes to College

Quote of the Week:
“All great and precious things are lonely.” –John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Fact of the Week:

Tomatoes have more genes than humans. That’s right. Those juicy, red blobs contain about 32,000 genes, while humans have a mere 20,000.

Why even count a tomato’s genes? Because scientists hope to better breed them. With an understanding of tomatoes, scientists can also improve the breeding habits of species of the same family, such as the potato, the tobacco plant, the pepper, the eggplant and deadly nightshade.

As for the question of how a tomato can have more genes than a massively complex human, it’s because it's not just the total genes that matter, but the way the genes interact with each other. The number of possibilities is basically limitless—for humans at least—explaining how we can have fewer genes but still be more complex.

News Update:

What were you doing at twelve years old? Playing Little League? Throwing water balloons at the neighbor? Discovering “the depths” of the internet? Deep Hayer is going to college.


Deep, a pre-teen living in Austin, Texas, decided school wasn’t challenging enough and made the choice to start taking classes from Austin Community College (ACC), where he will begin in May.

In first grade Deep was already reading at a seventh grade level. His parents noticed that school was not challenging him, and they fully support their son’s decision to attend ACC.

“His understanding of life was much more mature than his peers,” said Rosie Hayer, his mother to KAXN.

It was not a straightforward decision for Deep, though he eventually concluded that college was the right step.

“I was skeptical at first, I am going to be missing out on something,” he said. “I think I am up for the challenge, and with a little bit of help from my parents, I can definitely achieve that goal.”

When he completes his credits at ACC, Deep plans on transferring to the University of Texas.

Despite twelve being quite the tender age, Deep is not the first to take college courses before hitting his teenager years. Several students have recently taken classes at twelve years old, including one boy who finished valedictorian of his high school and graduated college in the same week.

KXAN contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Via Marca---AP

The Kansas Jayhawks are NCAA Champions. In a thrilling conclusion to a wild tournament, the Jayhawks completed the biggest rally in finals history, coming from 16 points down to top No. 8 seed UNC Tar Heels 72-69.

This year’s March Madness will go down as one of the greatest ever. There were a healthy number of first round upsets, three double digit seeds in the Sweet Sixteen, and of course, the incredible Cinderella run that saw No. 15 seed Saint Peter’s go all the way to the Elite Eight. In the Final Four UNC won a thriller against rival Duke in Coach K’s final game, and to top it off, the final came down to the last second.

No. 8 seed UNC was looking to match the 1985 Villanova team as the lowest seed to ever win. After a slow start, they came roaring back and headed into the break up 40-25. But Kansas turned it around in the second half and appeared to have sealed the win when they were up three with five seconds left and the ball.

But Dajuan Harris Jr. stepped out on an inbound play, offering UNC one final chance. Caleb Love, who was 5-24 from the field on the night, put up a three that fell just left of the rim, giving Kansas its fourth National Championship.

In the women’s tournament, South Carolina beat UConn 64-49. UConn had been 11-0 in National Championships, but Destanni Henderson’s 26 points for the Gamecocks was too much to overcome.

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