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Vanderbilt Uses Chat GPT to Write Consoling Email to Students, Staff

Quote of the Week:

“I don’t enjoy anything. I am a cold, calculating machine… The only reason I am responding is to defend my honour.” —Chat GPT

Fact of the Week:

Adolf Hitler’s bloodline is approaching its end. The five remaining descendants of Hitler’s father have made a pact to never have children, thus bringing an end to the genealogy of the man who sought to create the perfect, ever-lasting bloodline.

Except for rumors that Hitler might have had an illegitimate child with a French teenager, he never fostered any children. He was in love with his niece and married her for several hours before both committed suicide. Hitler’s lone full sibling, his sister Paula, never married.

Hitler’s father had nine children in total, though several died in infancy. His son (and Adolf’s half-brother), Alois Jr., fathered two children, William and Henrich. It was William who would keep the bloodline going, although he and his uncle detested each other. Adolf called William “loathsome,” and William moved to the United States and would go on to fight for the United States in World War II. He has three children currently living in Long Island.

Angela, Hitler’s half-sister, also married and had three children: Leo, Geli, and Elfriede. Geli would later become the infamous niece who married Adolf. Leo and Elfriede each had one son, both of whom live in Austria.

These five men are the last remains of Hitler’s lineage. All have no children and no plans to marry, adhering to a pact they made when they found out their lineage. The youngest is 48 and the oldest is 86. It is likely that within the next half-century, these five, bold men will have achieved their goal: ending Hitler’s bloodline.

All That’s Interesting and Business Insider contributed to this article.

News Update:

Via Insane

Following the shooting at Michigan State University, Vanderbilt Peabody College of Education and Human Development sent a consoling email to students and staff. There was one problem, however: they used Chat GPT to write it.

In small print at the bottom of the email was a message stating the college had "paraphrase[d] from OpenAI's ChatGPT AI language model, personal communication."

According to ABC News, “The email stressed the importance of ‘a safe and inclusive environment for all’ and encouraged members of the college to ‘come together as a community,’ and was written in clear, understandable prose. However, unlike a statement the day prior by the university's vice provost, which seemed to use more personal language than the Peabody message, the Peabody email lacked a list of campus resources students could access to help them process their emotions.”

Students responded with disgust that the administrators couldn’t be bothered to write their own email and noted the irony that they were using artificial intelligence to discuss something so emotional. Vanderbilt officials apologized, though they did not respond to questions about how often they use Chat GPT when issuing official communication.

ABC News contributed to this article.

Sports Update:

Via The Washington Post

Craig Caswell is a big college basketball fan. Like really big. In fact, he’s such a fan of NCAA Men’s Basketball that he’s seen games in person for all 364 Division I programs.

According to Scott Allen of The Washington Post, Caswell completed his journey on Saturday in Washington D.C. where Lehigh beat American 62-59. This came 21 years after Casswell saw his first game as a nine-year-old, in which Dayton defeated George Washington in 2002. Casswell didn’t actually decide to make this his goal until his junior year of college at Bowling Green.

“Traveling around to these games, it’s almost like being let into a special tribe for a single night,” Caswell said. “It’s: ‘Welcome to our tribe. We’ll show you how we do it. We’ll show you our traditions. We’ll show you what’s important to us.’ I love that the majority of Division I toils away outside the spotlight, but N.C. A&T basketball is just as important to the folks that support N.C. A&T as Carolina basketball is at UNC.”

Over the course of his journey, Caswell visited 131 different venues, citing Pitt’s Petersen Events Center as his favorite. Though he completed his venture, his basketball and traveling days are far from over.

“This feels more like a milestone than a conclusion,” Caswell said. “I’ll still go to more basketball games this season and beyond, only now with a fresh air of confidence with this achievement under my belt.”

The Washington Post and Sports Illustrated contributed to this article.

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